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Comparing Medication Prices in Different Health Facilities in the World

Medication has been a high ended economy and drug pricing. Historically, drug products have been highly valued and inflated. This has the long lead to discrimination effects against the financially disabled people. Those with financial restraint have had a rough history of inability and poor health. They have been rejected in hospitals due to their condition. Some have died in beds at home due to the inability to pay for medical costs and the prescribed drugs. However, most of the world's governments have come up with necessary laws to regulate the inflated prices. Some state constitutions have made it possible for a non-discriminative action and made a force behind it. Other countries offer free public health facilities and facilitation. Some government owned hospitals do not charge for medication. It is a subsidized service. Some medical insurance covers have been established. Some states have created a cheaper form of health insurance policies as compared to the private insurance providers who are much expensive. Some statutory monetary deductions are made to cover their health emergencies at cheaper rates. These have been made mandatory for those people who work in both the formal and the informal sector. Other medical programs have been established as a charity, and thus medication and medicine are offered for free or at considerable prices.


The government provided health services at are reasonably cheaper as compared to the private sector. Internationally, people are spending billions of money to procure medical services. Some are preferring the industry as it provides good and guaranteed services. High work ethics and minimal medication negligence are the goodwill that has come with the private medical service. This has however come at a price. The financially healthy people love it in private hospitals. There, they can get personal medical facilities. This has in return made it very expensive there. The financially able sacrifice their abundant money into these private health facilities to get the most out of it. The general population has lived with a perception that the most expensive medication prescriptions and services are the most efficient which is a misguided opinion. Medication should not be too expensive so that it becomes active. The cheaper drug can also be active.


Private insurers can negotiate discounts with the potential or the already existing customers. There is no business that lacks discounts however minimal the cut margins are. Generic drugs are also a solution to the high priced prescriptions. This involves the doctor prescribing alternative and cheaper drugs with the same efficiency as their brand versions. High-quality drugs should be well priced but not to injure the producer economically. There are different prices marked by various vendors at different places. The potential buyer should look for the best alternatives before procuring medication at